Report Abuse

How do I report abuse? When possible, try to document the issue by taking screenshots, showing the usernames involved and/or the content in violation. Please be sure to review the Online Rules of Conduct to confirm that your report is valid. You can ask for guidance or report directly to any Ranked Member of the community at any time. Thank you for helping us keeping this community cool and toxic free!

Types of Abuse Reports:

A-Technical Abuse:

To report Technical Abuse, please use the Game forums or report directly to any Ranked Member using the chat and we will try to resolve the issue as fast as we can.

What is Technical Abuse? When violators break or breach the Rules of Online Conduct or the Terms of Service (“TOS”), by abusing the Community in general, the Game, Website, Forum, Chat or any other associated medium. Examples of abusive behavior include posting bad links, spamming, posting offensive images, spreading propaganda, cheating, scamming, exploiting the game, impersonating other users, or displaying usernames, decals or any user generated content (“UGC”) that is consider offensive as described in the Rules of Conduct and the TOS.

B-Personal Abuse:

To report Personal Abuse towards you or towards other players that you are aware of or witnessed being abused, please contact any Ranked Member through the Chat, or, depending on the severity of the violation, create a new post on the community forums explaining the problem. We will try to resolve the matter as fast we can.

What is Personal Abuse? When the violators are breaking the Privacy Policy or the TOS by offending, stalking, bullying, intimidating, threatening or insulting you or any other player.

C-Abuse of Authority:

To report any kind of Abuse coming from a Ranked Member, towards you or towards other players, you can use the form below on this page to keep your report confidential.

What is Abuse of Authority? When the violators of the Rules of Conduct or the TOS are Ranked Members of the Moderation Units.

In every case, please be sure that your report is clear, fact based, and made in good faith. Warning: Abusing the report system by lying or misleading is a serious violation!

Note: We reserve the right to review, deny or revoke any report or any defense built by a reported player at our sole discretion in instances we identify behavior we believe to be abusive, fraudulent, illegal or not aligned with the Game, this Community or the spirit of the Reports System. All types violations to the TOS, if proven true, are subject to different levels of disciplinary action including termination.


The form below is reserved for reports on Abuse of Authority, or for when you fear retaliation because of your report. This type of report is not as quick as the other ones described above, it involves email confirmation and the confidentiality demands a long investigation to gather proof (if any), that does not directly point back at you. (All inquiries not relevant to Abuse Reports will not receive a response)

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