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How to get Early Access

4 years ago
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To get Rival Rebels Game Early Access:

1-Make an Rival Rebels account.
2-Go to the Rival Rebels Store and choose which Funder Edition you want to purchase.
3-If it is not available, make a post below to tell us which Funder Edition you want.
4-Please check the important notes below. If you have more questions, feel free to ask (you can follow this post using the watch button to receive an email when we answer you).

By buying a Funder Edition, you are helping us Crowdfund the game development! Rival Rebels is fully independent, secure, and ad-free. Thank you for your support!

Important Notes:
-The Rival Rebels Store only accepts PayPal (Amazon Pay will be added soon).
-We don't keep any Credit Card information in our store.
-The game is unfinished and in an Alpha state.
-The game only works on Windows and MacOS. (Linux will be added soon)
-The game download size is less than 1 Gb.
-The game is multiplayer only.
-If you posted on the old forum please post again here.
-If you are an old member of Rival Rebels, check the Members Awards post on the old forum.

The reason I keep the edition stock quantities very low is that the game is in closed alpha. I don’t want people to buy it thinking its ready, because it is not.
4 years ago
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I'm an old member and i checked the old forum but I didnt see a way for me to get the early access that you gifted to me
4 years ago
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Hey 0nim1si, sorry for the delay. Now the price should reflect your discount.  :)

Note: If you are an old ranked member that was awarded a game edition, please let me know.
4 years ago
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SO uh I'm having a bit of a problem since I just bought a funder edition and the order status is stuck on pending despite the fact that the payment status is complete