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How do I detonate a nuke with C4 (detonator) in minecraft?

4 years ago
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I want to detonate the nuke using the detonator. How do I do this?
4 years ago
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This isnt the go to for MC mod help, and you cant use detonator 4 nuke anyway. You need to do it maunually.
If u need any help, ask rodol.
4 years ago
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Hello, I moved your post to as Game Community is not the correct place for this type of topic.
To answer your question, you can't remote detonate. The Detonator is for Plastic Explosives, not Nukes. If you want to activate a nuke from far away, you would either have to extend the timer using chat commands, or with redstone, a lever, and a hopper.
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4 years ago
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well, I'm a modder so if you wanna modify the detonator to detonate any nuke and explosive, you modify the code in the rr mod.
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