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Toyguy Song Download

3 years ago
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The Toyguy Song MP3 and RingTone!
Hi, I’m Rodol Phito, this is the Toyguy song I made for the video, Warning LOTS OF BEEP and Beeps!

You are free to use it in any videos or projects you like. Just remember to give me credit.

Free MP3 DOWNLOAD here!
Free RingTone DOWNLOAD here!

Toyguy and The Rival Rebels live at Rodol’s House

3 years ago
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1 of da 2 only IC members
rules over 3 dimensions
porting the rival rebels mod over to 1.12.2

just a cringe weeb
3 years ago
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this was my idea(kinda)
3 years ago
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I mean it is just fun to listen to.