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Community Checkup

1 year ago
#1450 Quote
It has been a while since I heard from everyone. What has everyone been up to lately, if you are new then nice to meet you!
1 year ago
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I am doing bad and good. I hate and love myself and my life.
1 year ago
#1452 Quote
Doing goodish, new PC coming in a few weeks, so im excited.
Probably RR's only furry. No, im not one of those degenerates. Forum Moderator Admin. Feel free to add me on Discord(FrostiFur Whyler#2044) and Telegram(@FrostiFur)
11 months ago
#1453 Quote
I'm doing alright, got a job, making decent cash. College year paid for and all. Grand times
Every Sci-Fi story needs at least one Paddy in it