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Privacy Policy

Rival Rebels Global Privacy Policy

Last updated on October 14, 2018

Rival Rebels® values and respects the privacy of all users and visitors and complies with applicable laws that protect them, including the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

This privacy policy explains what type of data we collect, store, and share; how we use your data, what your rights are, and what steps we take to protect your privacy. This policy applies to our Online Services, website and services provided therein, including but not limited to the Rival Rebels game, chat, forums and game servers.

You may contact us at any time with any questions or concerns about our privacy practices that might not be clear in this notice.

1. What information do we collect and how we use it?

We may collect data that you voluntarily choose to provide, or by explicitly requesting it, as specified below:

1.1 During registration of a new account: as part of the information necessary to create a new user, you are requested to provide an email address, username and password. We do not request your real name. We use this information to give you access to certain functionalities of the website, including the forum and chat, to allow for you to be uniquely identified, for you to retain the ability to reset the password associated with your account, and in case we need to contact you regarding changes to our policies.

1.2 Information you send on a chat or forum: we store your interactions on our chat or forum, including information that you post, comment, or threads you follow. Forum threads notification or subscriptions emails are voluntary. Please be aware that all of the information you enter on our chat and forum is publicly available and that you enter that information at your own risk. We encourage you to practice internet safety standards and to not post any private or identifiable information. If your personal data is posted on our forums or chats against your will, you can report this and request that we remove it.

1.3 While visiting or using our website: we collect a variety of information through your interaction with our website. This data we collect may include but is not limited to browser and device information, and the IP address you use while visiting our website. IP information is reserved for security, to prevent bot attacks and to be able to investigate and prevent fraud, cheating and other terms violations, and to mute, block or IP-Ban members that break the Terms of Service of our website.

1.4 Cookies: If you’ve allowed your browser to store cookies, which are text files, we will store persistent cookies on your device to help you stay logged in without re-typing your information when you visit our website again. Cookies expire over time to meet security standards, and eventually you will be prompted to re-type your login information.

1.5 Communications between you and Rival Rebels: For example, emails that you send us where you provide us with your information to help you fix or solve difficulties.

1.6 Transaction and Payment Data: We don’t hold any Credit Card Information in our website or databases. To purchase the game, game content and/or subscriptions we use third party e-commerce services or websites. Rival Rebels will host the shopping cart and the third party payment and billing providers will help you finalize the purchase and check out. During the transaction you may need to provide typical credit card information (name, address, credit card number, expiration date and security code) In that case, we allow the third party payment and billing providers to enable the transaction through our website, and to perform any necessary checks and send us confirmation once the transaction is complete. The order confirmation will include minimal information for identification purposes, without Rival Rebels ever receiving, processing or storing your credit card service information.

We recommend that you consult the privacy statements of all third party payment and billing providers’ websites or mobile applications you visit by clicking on the “privacy” link typically located at the bottom of the webpage or mobile application you are visiting.

2. What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

Rival Rebels collects and stores data about you for these reasons:

2.1 Where you have given us consent to it

2.2 Where it is necessary for you to access the full functionality of the website.

3. When do we share personal data?

We will disclose your personal information only in the case of a major circumstances:

3.1- Under justice, government official or law enforcement request.

3.2- If necessary to protect another individual’s critical interests (such as to prevent death, bodily harm or serious damage to property).

3.3- In the event of a merger, sale or transfer of all or substantially all our business or assets we reserve the right to share or transfer information about our users.

3.4- This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics also uses "cookies", to help the website operators analyze how visitors use the website, and help identify if a page is broken or malfunctioning. The information generated by the cookie about the visitors’ use of the website will generally be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. You can choose to opt-out this cookie by using the Privacy Preferences button located at the end of this page.

4. Where do we store and process personal data?

Our data is stored in servers in the United States that are managed by a third party. Per the agreement with this third party, they do not have access to the information we store on their hardware.

5. How do we secure personal data?

Your Personal data is confidential. We minimize the personal data we collect, and we follow strict security standards in our databases, including but not limited to the following procedures:

5.1 To protect data against accidental loss, we backup our databases regularly. (including physical, electronic, and procedural measures).

5.2 To prevent unauthorized access, use, destruction or disclosure, we require proof of identity before staff members access any data.

5.3 To restrict access to personal information, we encrypt our data and use additional authentication measures.

5.4 To manage third party risks, we use contracts that include data protection clauses to help safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure.

6. How long do we keep your personal data for?

6.1 We will store your data for as long as necessary for the purposes for which the information is collected, or for the period required by law. After that your data will be deleted, blocked or aggregated with other anonymous accounts.

6.2 Chat messages are destroyed over a short period of time. Only chat records in violation of Rival Rebels Terms of Service and/or associated messages for context may be stored over time as proof of a violation. 6.3 Please note that after your account is deleted residual copies of content and/or information may remain on our backup servers. We are not required to remove posted content or information if it has been rendered anonymous or if we are required by law to retain it.

6.4 Please note that Rival Rebels is required to retain certain transactional data under statutory commercial and tax law for a period of up to ten (10) years. Additionally, we do not have control over third parties (e.g., other users) who may have copied or reposted the content or information. We strongly recommend that all users avoid posting personal or sensitive information at any time.

7. Your rights in relation to personal data

7.1 You can access, correct or erase any personal information you voluntarily chose to share in your profile at any time.

7.2 You can access, correct or erase any of your forum posts by editing them at any time. If there is any inaccurate or personal information pertaining to you that you cannot correct or erase (such as when under other users’ post), you can contact us by using the Request rectification form at your profile page (GDPR section).

7.3 You can access and request erasure of any of your chat messages by asking a forum moderator to delete it at any time.

7.4 You can access, view and review all your forum post interactions by clicking the Latest Posts link in your profile page (GDPR section). This way you can list all entries to edit, copy, or print-screen all your existing posts on the website.

7.5 You can access the information we collect by using the Export button at your profile page (GDPR section), data subject’s right to data portability.

7.6 You can request us to terminate your User Account at any time. If you choose to erase all your progress in the Online Services, including your Game License purchases (if any), in-game stats such as reputation or rank, forum post etc. and close your User Account, please use the form at your profile page (GDPR section), to request your account deletion, so that we can take all necessary measures to dispose safely of your data. We will give you the option to delete all the data associated with your user, or anonymize your forum posts.

7.7 Your access to your data can be restricted or limited if mandated by law enforcement or justice.

7.8 Your access to your data can be restricted or limited if the data is or was held as proof of a Rival Rebel Terms of Service violation.

8. California Residents: Your California Privacy Rights

8.1 Under California law, our customers that are California residents may request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. As detailed above, we do not share our customer’s personal information with unaffiliated third parties for direct marketing purposes.

8.2 California Privacy Rights for Minors: California residents under the age of 18 have the right to remove, or request the removal of, content or information they have posted to the message boards or forums. This request can be made by contacting us using the form at the end of this page to request rectification (as stated in paragraph 7.3 of this document). Please be advised that any information posted to the chat rooms or forums is publicly viewable. We strongly recommend that all users avoid posting personal or sensitive information at any time.

8.3 Please note that residual copies of content and/or information that have been deleted may remain on our backup servers. We are not required to remove posted content or information if it has been rendered anonymous or if we are required by law to retain it. Additionally, we do not have control over third parties (e.g., other users) who may have copied or reposted the content or information.

9. Updates to our Privacy Policy or Terms of Service

9.1 Rival Rebels Privacy Policy may be revised periodically to reflect changes in relevant laws or in practices or to update our personal information. We will date the current policy revision at the top of this page to indicate when this policy was last updated. Please feel free to review Rival Rebels Privacy Policy every time you access or use our website or games to make sure that you have reviewed the most recent version.

9.2 If you do not agree to Rival Rebels Privacy Policy or Terms of Service, or to any subsequent changes or updates to our terms: you can set your browser to decline cookies and or terminate your account (as stated in paragraph 7.6 of this page) and request us to delete or make anonymous all data you voluntarily chose to provide.

10. How to contact us

If you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices, your personal information, or if you wish to file a complaint please use the Request rectification form at your profile page (GDPR section), to contact us.

11. About Children

The minimum age to create a new account in Rival Rebels is 16 years of age (applicable to users located in the European Union excluding the U.K.) or 13 years of age (applicable to users located in the rest of the world including the U.K.), with their parents or legal guardians approval. We do not knowingly accept, request, or solicit information from children or knowingly market to children or knowingly open a new account for a child below this age, without parental consent. Therefore, in accordance with the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, if we receive actual knowledge that anyone under the age of 13 has provided personal information to us without the requisite and verifiable parental consent, we will delete that information from the Online Services as quickly as we reasonably can. This request can be made by using the rectification form at the end of this page. We encourage parents and guardians to educate their children in Internet safety practices and to warn them against providing personal information when online.