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  • Tuesday, October 22, 2013 5:20 AM

Black_Darte wrote:

the link:

hmm, thats weird. i havent seen it before, no idea. Does it also happen outside the Skyclone?
1 year ago

Bump, anyone else have a friend to give a copy to?

2 years ago

I have granted Garage Edition to those two accounts. Welcome wee1594 and ashleyjeweldavis! :)

@MrAnimator Thank you, I'm doing my best!

2 years ago

My bad, yes sorry!

2 years ago

I wanted to thank you all for your ongoing support, by giving the most active of you a free Garage edition copy for you to gift to a friend or family. These $16 Garage editions will eventually be adjusted to feature the contents described on the store’s page but, for now, these will perform the same as all the other early access editions.
The idea behind this promotion is to boost awareness, have more players, and thank you guys for your help!

You guys are awesome and I don't have many ways to thank you.

How it works: You can ask a friend or family to make a Rival Rebels account. After the account is active, please reply to this thread with the account’s username and I will award the Garage edition to it. The Garage edition is legit and is NOT temporary, the only temporary part is the extra content given during early access.

These promotional editions are only to be gifted and not for sale.

Your part in this promotion is totally voluntary, if you prefer to opt out, just tell me and please don't feel obligated.

Who gets an edition:


Sorry if I missed anyone that has been active during the last few months, please tell me if I need to include someone else that should get it.

Also, ping the guys so everybody sees this post. Thank you!!

Happy summer!

2 years ago

Maybe firewall shenanigans? I really have no idea, I tried from two machines on two accounts and they both work here. Can you check firewall settings maybe?

2 years ago

Hmm, can you try resetting password and trying again now that the website is restarted?

2 years ago

I restarted the servers, could you try going to %AppData%, up a folder, into LocalLow and deleting the Rival Rebels directory, and then trying again?

2 years ago

Oh, i've seen this before. Try going to %AppData%, up one folder, then into LocalLow, and then delete the Rival Rebels directory. These are cache files, they are probably just stale. Launching the game should regenerate them and ask you to log in. Lmk how it goes!

2 years ago

There's no linux version yet, I'm still waiting on a bugfix from unity on the version where I can do the linux builds. I reported it over 2 months ago and I haven't gotten a solution yet, sadly, but I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I release a linux version!

2 years ago