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  • Tuesday, October 22, 2013 5:20 AM

Alpha 22 is out! This update introduces server-synchronized skins, schemes, and blueprints, meaning your shaper builds, air brush paint jobs, and sky clone player customizations will now be stored remote. They are per-account, so you can have multiple installs and keep your saves throughout, or share a computer with your sibling and keep independent saves. Additionally, 3 utility commands were added to the game server backend: `stack`, `find`, and `arm`. Climbing is not fixed yet, needs further investigation.

2 years ago

Hey Mr.Kurczak, I remember we chatted about this last year.  I'm sorry, but I can not use that payment method because It does not offer me the right security and implementation for this website.

Anyway,  don't you know anybody, family or friend, that has an Amazon account?  You could buy it through that person.

Also, your english is perfect :)  What's your native language?

2 years ago

I'll be there ^^

2 years ago

Digital4RR wrote:

Big question: will it be on app store or website

First I'll put the apk file on the website, then on the Play store, and later on the iOS app store.
2 years ago

I started working on the mobile version of Rival Rebels game!
I want to have it running before I keep adding more features to the game.  It's still in alpha, and will be very limited until I can iron down all the bugs. The version will be included with all editions, and will have a free skyclone demo for those without accounts, to promote the game.

If you have any questions, please ask here!

2 years ago

Oh yeah, I'll see if I can add that :)

2 years ago
New Ranks

Stewy wrote:

So now that the system is unofficially in place, I have a few questions. First off, are there any systems that are currently in place to earn reputation points atm?
I can't wait to find out all of the possible ways to earn a ton of points haha. I'm going to start enjoying the game a lot more now, and btw, nobody will have more points than me, not even you Rodol xD. Right now though, I just bought all the way up to the Marquis rank so I am sitting at a solid 20-30 points.
Also, do you have any ideas planned on what benefits you will receive in the game based on having a higher rank and status? I'm hyped to see what we do have planned for the future. Merry coding Rodol!

For now, these are the ways that are planned. Each one awards 1 rep at the end of they day if it is completed.
1. Starting up the game
2. Joining the Squadron Base server
3. Joining the Tyranika server
4. Joining the Rgiant server
5. Joining the Brumal server
6. Posting or chatting
7. Being an active FM or IC (active as in completing any of the above)
8. Being an active Faction member (same criteria for activity)
9. Being an active Guild member (same)

So that means you can get a max of 9 rep per day. This is incomplete, most of them are not implemented yet, and some more are planned but not listed.

To start factions and guilds you must have a high rank (TBD) on any of the 3 units.

@Digital Due to a misconfiguration, everyone who should have gotten 1 rep last night got 30. So, enjoy your head start! This has been fixed now but you will keep the extra rep :)
2 years ago

@Black Darte and Bobcat, I finished the first part of the translation framework. At the moment it only has the website text. The second part will translate the game text.
We need to test the system, I assigned French and German to your users. Thank you!

Try out the controls and let me know if you have any questions.

2 years ago

Digital4RR wrote:

Rodol, I read yr book, paperback cuz im generous ;) yr welcome

I'll include you on the next vid shoutout! Thank you for your support!
2 years ago

I will, I'll also put it in the Forum chat and on the discord server. Thank you for your support!

2 years ago