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  • Friday, January 25, 2019 7:15 PM

Respectfully, a game can't really be "Dead" when it isn't even released.

If you mean "Is the project still being worked on?" Then yes, it still is.

2 days ago

Old server link was removed, new server link here :

5 days ago

Old server link was removed. New server link here :

5 days ago

It has been a while since I heard from everyone. What has everyone been up to lately, if you are new then nice to meet you!

2 years ago

I mean it is just fun to listen to.

3 years ago


he is my IRL brother :D

3 years ago


3 years ago

Yeah it has been 4 months. Not sure if I even want to make a discord at this point but might as well.

3 years ago

Since everyone else keeps making alliances now I decided I might as well make mine. It is supposed to be a group of people who amass ships and weaponry in order to seek an unstoppable conquest over the universe. Generally we don't plan to attack other alliances unless provoked and hold more of a "Big stick" policy towards them. We accept truces/ceasefires/semi-formal agreements and pacts on negotiation. The main focus of this alliance will be on PvE and the future raids that are currently planned.

4 years ago
New Ranks

You should be able to join the OP fairly easily once the Units board is finally added. Either me or Elite can help you integrate since we are the current IC members. If you feel up for it you can work your way up into our group as well.

4 years ago